About Us

Bevan and Amy on our wedding day

On our wedding day


Little Cowgirl at 5 weeks old.

Here we are! All 3 of us humans and 5 fur-balls. Just so people know, we are not using names for people for privacy purposes. As you can see in the picture, baby is to be known as Little Cowgirl.


We are a small family starting out our lives here in South Carolina. We enjoy our time out here and the culture. I currently get to stay home with Little Cowgirl and hope it stays that way.

Check out the other tabs to see our fur-kids. Right now we only have 5 fur-kids, but would be great to have more. I’d love to have a milk cow (jersey), a ┬ásteer in the freezer, a couple chickens, a horse to ride, a guard llama, and a goat. I would love to have a zebra someday too. However, first we need to get land to do that, and we need the income to support all of those and ourselves. We are planting a small garden so we can get some of our own veggies. Fruit trees will get planted once we buy our own land too.

Our main goal in life is to love, serve, and live out our faith in God. Without God we are nothing and without love we are nothing. We strive to raise Little Cowgirl to do the same. We are definitely not perfect and make mistakes. That’s where God’s love and forgiveness come in. However, we must continually forgive others because the Bible says that if we want to be forgiven, then we must forgive (Matthew 6:14-15).


One thought on “About Us

  1. What a nice clean site, I will enjoy visiting from time to time to see what is exciting for the three of you.

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